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MECO Project Gallery

MECO of Atlanta

MECO needed to provide their users with an integrated desktop with new appearance and functionality, integrating their access to 5250 Applications, web portals, employee documents, and reports.

This gallery allows you to more completely experience the new system. Using The Accelerator™ system architecture, Surround Technologies Consulting Services team deliver all these enhancements in only four weeks!

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Home Page

Home Page - This is the MECO Web site home page fully integrated into the new MECO System. This allows MECO Customer Service to reference the site without interrupting their current workflow by opening a web browser.

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Jobs Module

Jobs Explorer - A significant part of MECO revenue comes from service jobs. Now users can see an entire grid of jobs, without the 5250 limitation of 80 characters across and 24 lines down. They can select one or multiple items in that grid and perform multiple tasks at a time.

Some of these tasks utilize custom software and integration into Lotus Notes Email, MS Excel, MS Word, Google Maps, and more. Most tasks, however, involve existing System 21 screens. Tasks that formerly required viewing several different 5250 screens can now be performed using convenient access toolbars.

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Jobs Module

Job Details - From the Data Grid, users can open up jobs in new windows with one click; open up multiple jobs at once; work with them separately; and compare them side-by-side.

Each of these windows is actually a separate 5250 session. In the background, The Accelerator™ created smartclient sessions and ran the transaction-recorded scripts with the data. Users navigate directly and seamlessly to the job detail screen.

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Team Cards

Team Cards - Team information provided by The Accelerator™ Card View grid control allows users to better manage teams and jobs

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration - Google maps were integrated directly into the Jobs and Team Cards providing quick visibility of service locations.

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Work Orders - MS Excel Integration

Work Orders - MS Excel Integration - Work Orders and Invoices are integration into MS Excel directly from the data in the system.

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Job Detail - refaced

Job Detail - refaced - This is the refaced Job Detail screen. It can be opened from both Jobs and Team Cards. Both will open the same window insuring that a user does not open the same Job more than once and potentially interrupt work in progress.

MECO ECO Project Gallery: Job Detail - 5250

Job Detail - 5250 - This is the Job Detail screen in 5250 mode.

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