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Modernization in Four Weeks

MECO of Atlanta

MECO is a full line Petroleum Equipment supplier serving the Southeastern US from their headquarters in Atlanta. Their customers include federal, state and local governments; marinas, service stations and convenience stores; fleet operators; and emergency power systems at hospitals, hotels and data centers.

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After more than 50 years of business expansion, MECO needed to update systems.

Deliveries were documented on paper and entered into a 16-year-old System 21. There were six data centers that used different system functionality. In this complex technology environment, the company had only one staff IT professional.

The second generation of family management knew that there were costly errors and inefficiencies and feared customer satisfaction was suffering.

The company launched a modernization project, but even after about a year of work, the solutions they needed were not in sight.

The company needed an application and data- integration tool that would transcend their newly installed Visual LANSA and looksoftware.

Enhanced Project Requirements

MECO needed a fully-integrated Windows desktop application connecting dozens of different 5250 screens from the System 21 / Power IBM i System. A key requirement was infinite flexibility in maneuvering through customer data in multiple 5250 screens, with full Web functionality.


MECO requested a test-drive – a Proof of Concept – and Surround Technologies delivered it in only three days. The demo – using MECO data – made it clear that Surround, and the power of The Accelerator™ architecture, was the solution.

The Surround Technology Consulting Services team delivered the final solution in only four weeks. The solution fulfilled all the specs. The result is a user-friendly Windows interface with full data integration and connectivity with the Web, Excel, Google Maps, and Lotus Notes … and the unlimited capacity for future expansion.

Customer Feedback

"I estimate that we have improved the servicing and billing cycle productivity by no less than 35%, more in some divisions that were even more manually intensive."

"We've reduced re-keying of information by probably 98% over the old system and may have reduced hard copy paper use by 90%."

"The fact that we accomplished in four weeks what in a year another leading company’s tools and services could not, well, doesn't that about say it all?"

"When I say it's great, I mean just that. Anyone can call me and hear the same."

Albert Johnson, IT Manager
MECO of Atlanta

"The internal productivity gains are significant. The users are so much happier now, and our customers are getting serviced better and faster."

"But what others may miss that is so important to me, is the way the new system has brought our branches together more and into a consistent operation. That business integration will be vital in our operations going forward."

Pam Scudder, Controller
MECO of Atlanta

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