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“We're saving money by having more efficient dispatching. Now we can handle more jobs and provide better service with the same amount of dispatchers.”

VP Information Systems

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Xperia was able to use the power of Accelerator for .NET with re:new™ to provide a new robust UX in WPF using their existing IBM i 5250 UI as well as to create a brand new B2B portal in HTML5 using the same backend IBM i system.

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“Surround’s use of Microsoft technology to seamlessly integrate with our IBM technology exceeded our expectations”

CIO Ray Ramos

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"When I say it's great, I mean just that. Anyone can call me and hear the same."
Albert Johnson
IT Manager, MECO of Atlanta

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"The Surround methodology and user orientation were key... their experience showed. Absolutely the most productive software we have ever bought, period"
Mike Powers
Chief Financial Officer, Sherrill Furniture

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"We intend to use it for everything going forward."
Lou Vilardo
Partner, Today’s Business computers

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"Surround Technologies has a wealth of knowledge and are very easy to work with. They are genuinely concerned about us using the product successfully and meeting our needs."
Butch Patterson
Information Systems Manager, Atlantic Dominion Distributors

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"The system exceeded our expectations, by the way that it ties everything together, and the professional look and feel of it. It looks like it was developed by a very large team, but it was very cost effective."
Rob Dornberger
Vice President of IT, Scolari's Food and Drug

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"Surround Technologies provided us with the solutions, the process, and the services to get the job done."
Sigrid Bundy
Director of MIS, United Consumer Financial Services

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"Surround products have saved us a ton of time and made the entire department more efficient."
Larry Kiersh
Senior Software Engineer and Project Leader

Museum of Modern Art
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"We were able to complete this project in a quarter of the time because we were using Accelerator... I would definitely recommend it to others."
Ram Sudheendra
Lead Architect

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"Our customers are looking for agility and the ability to meet new business demands quickly. With the Surround Accelerator we are more prepared to meet those expectations."
Senior vice president

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"Everyone is more productive on Accelerator because they don’t have to reinvent the wheel."
Director of Application Development
Fortune 500 Company

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"Surround allowed us to accelerate software development to exceed the capabilities of our competition. No one else has been able to produce a services oriented architected system so quickly, plus the high fidelity user experience is an added bonus."
Vice President Software Services
Top 100 largest Value Added Reseller

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"The tool looks like magic and acts like it also"
"Without companies such as Surround, we would be just another software casualty."
Major International Software Company

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With the product re:new, Look Software leverages Surround Technologies’ development frameworks and Accelerator for .Net. Together with looksoftware's soarchitect, plus multi-channel client support, re:new provides flexible effective composite solutions and a cutting edge compelling User Experience.

IBM i Systems
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From midrange AS/400’s to the latest Power Systems, we’ve implemented several generations of Surround’s software on them. Our tight integration to IBM technology has powered much of our success.

Microsoft Partner
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Surround has grown our relationship with Microsoft significantly as a result of our integration of the latest Microsoft technologies. We bring significant productivity to Microsoft .NET development, and partner with Microsoft in their Cloud Computing strategy.

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Ilionx is our Benelux partner specializing in development, optimizing business processes, and innovation of information systems; providing fast, flexible and highly efficient solutions that focus on several industries such as trade, manufacturing, transportation, government, non-profit, finance, telecom, media and utilities.

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