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Accelerator for Visual LANSA

The Accelerator™ for Visual LANSA is an essential framework toolkit for LANSA Developers and long the Flagship of the Surround Technologies line.

The Accelerator™ development architecture is a productive tool for developers, building Windows and Web apps in record time within a structured framework.

Further, extra productivity is delivered at the user's desktop, generating productivity gains that can translate into profitability gains.

The Accelerator™ facilitates development of Advanced, Agile Software™.

Advanced - To Connect to Everything

Every user, every application, every system, every data bit, all seamlessly interwoven into elegant Business Solutions. The Accelerator™ architecture is designed from the ground up to support a Service Oriented Architecture. Built-in features like Business Objects, Frameworks, Bus Interfaces, Plug-Ins, XML, Dashboards, and Wizards simplify deployment.

Agile - So It Adapts to Changing Needs

In the IBM midrange universe, a key business goal is extending system life, and when possible, expanding capabilities. The Accelerator's code-generating System Wizard enables point-and- click application assembly and simplifies future changes, enhancements, and maintenance. Its standardized framework architecture enforces good, repeatable design and is the basis for long-term application durability.

Software - That's Productive for Users and Developers

Not only does The Accelerator™ speed up development, users report it can increase their productivity as much as 25% or higher. Many user interface details are automated, assuring operability whether deployed in Windows or the Web.

"It’s absolutely the most productive software we have ever bought, period."

Mike Powers, Sherrill CFO
commenting on The Accelerator™

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