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Surround Technologies has formed a distinct presence in the LANSA community due to our vast experience with LANSA products. We have an advantage due to:

  • A diverse clientele in a wide range of industries
  • Experience fulfilling different needs on separate stages of LANSA development.

We also work directly with LANSA support and development teams, including beta testing of the latest products long before they are released to the public.

We have a extensive history of firsts in LANSA Development and continue to innovate with progressive software and tools, making significant software advances year after year. Surround Technologies further streamlines and accelerates the LANSA Software development process using tools such as an exclusive line of tools for Visual LANSA.

Our LANSA tools encompasses the following components that assist in rapid development:

  • Customizable Development Framework – Wizard-generated code in a pre-built architecture allows you to prototype systems in minutes, generate applications in hours, and create full systems in days.
  • Productive User Experience – The Accelerator™ tools provides superior usability by facilitating the development of a productive user interface. That can impact business efficiency and profitability, every day.
  • .NET Integration – .NET service agent creates seamless integration with both client and server VL apps and delivers program and web services.
  • A Structured Methodology and Architecture – Put your development team on the same page with the standardized environment of The Accelerator™. It speeds up development, reduces maintenance, and allows developers to concentrate on functionality.
  • A Bridge to the Past and Gateway to the Future – Leverage your existing assets, yet be forever adaptable with instant application interoperability.

"Accelerator makes this challenge more cost-effective by drastically reduction the amount of time. We probably will realize savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can now do in half a day what used to take weeks. It’s like a 25-to-1 ratio of increased productivity."

Lou Vilardo
TBC Partner
Today’s Business Computers

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