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Introducing re:new - .NET Development for IBM i,
System i, iSeries, AS/400

Is your business running on IBM i today? If so, chances are you are benefitting from its high reliability, scalability, robustness and integrated database. However, if your applications are still running with a 5250 interface, you might be struggling to keep up with the demands of modern IT.

Why Modernize? You might be under increasing pressure from your users, management team and customers to provide easier and quicker ways of accessing those applications and satisfying new requirements. Perhaps you have already started the process of modernizing your applications, but are struggling to cope with the complexity. If you need to dramatically reduce the time, cost and effort required to renew those applications, you need to take a look at re:new.

Transform your applications

re:new is a unique technology that allows you to reuse your existing application logic and IBM i platform, and proceed with almost limitless options to extend and develop new modules and interfaces. Its structured design and rapid automation tools deliver fast results and shield complexity so that ongoing development and maintenance of your applications is minimized.

renew PuzzleReuse, extend, integrate, recreate

re:new allows you to decide the mix of reuse and development required for modern solution delivery. Reuse functionality when it makes sense and generate new functionality when required. Whether it is to provide an entirely new visual experience for your users by:

  • Improving the usability
  • Simplifying the navigation
  • Providing a state of the art web-experience
  • Seamlessly integrates with other applications, platforms and devices
  • Provide rapid development where required

Perhaps you need to service-enable key back-end functions and redevelop dated applications. Or even integrate with other applications running on an entirely separate platform - re:new supports reuse where it makes sense; re:new can do this and much more.

Accelerate development using the power of .NET native code

Microsoft .NETre:new merges industry–leading looksoftware reuse technology with the power of a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET based toolset. re:new contains an agile services oriented framework that:  generates SOA compliant applications without proprietary lock-in, which in turn allows you to produce adaptive, agile applications much faster than traditional method. The .NET platform provides plug in integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, Windows Workflow, Dynamics and the thousands of other Microsoft and third party tools and applications that make the .NET platform today’s most widely used platform.

Flexible deployment options with WPF & Silverlight

re:new offers WPF for a rich user experience that leverages the power of Windows-based PC’s, and also Silverlight which provides cross platform web support for Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on the MAC, Linux and Windows platforms.


Framework based generation increases productivity

re:new automates the many tedious tasks of business process development delivering revolutionary productivity gains compared to traditional hand coding. Assisted SOA development tools reduce complexity, enhancing not only developer productivity, but also the organizational productivity by allowing faster implementation cycles of critical business functionality.

Leverage new technologies and architectures rapidly

re:new development tools lower the bar of entry into SOA programming by hiding complexity and automating many tedious development tasks. This allows developers who are inexperienced in advanced architecture to deliver services oriented applications. Similarly, re:new developers do not need advanced training to deliver rich User Experiences. With re:new developers will produce:

  • Advanced code in respect to n-tier web services
  • Visually appealing user interfaces
  • Well designed components following sound architectural patterns
  • Standardized, consistent, and predictable code

Better results, faster

Since most of the infrastructure code is either abstracted away or generated by re:new, the software developer has more time to deliver a superior business solution, faster.

No risk native code

By generating native .NET code for new functionality, you keep your long term options flexible and your investment protected. Our goal is to have you as a customer long term, but that choice is yours because your generated code is not dependant on re:new, so you have a rapidly expanding choice of other tools and applications that will work with your code, including open source alternatives.

The speed and economy of modern solution delivery

Many of tomorrow’s most successful applications will combine new with old. re:new supports composite solutions delivery which provide the time to value and cost savings offered by reuse and includes integrated support for modern technologies, architectures and methods.

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