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Leverage the IBM i Platform and Assets

With Surround Technologies and the Accelerator ™ you can maximize the both the IBM i and .NET platforms. You no longer need to compromise or acceptance limitations. We accelerate the adoption of new technologies for both the .NET novice and the most advanced developers.

Flexible Data Access Options

ADO.NET Entity Framework simplifies application data access by providing an extensible, conceptual model for data from any database and enables this model to closely reflect business requirements. ADO.NET Data Services provides a first class infrastructure for the next wave of dynamic internet applications by enabling Web applications to expose data as REST-based data services that can be consumed by client applications in corporate networks and across the internet.

IBM LeverageAccelerate Development Using the Power of .Net Native Code

Accelerator contains an agile services oriented framework that generates SOA compliant applications without proprietary lock-in, which in turn allows you to produce Agile applications with faster development cycles and the flexibility to implement agile processes.

Accelerator provides plug in integration with Visual Studio and other Microsoft and third party tools and applications that help maximize the integration capabilities of both platforms.

Flexible Deployment Options with WPF, Silverlight, & HTML5

Deployment is easier, and applications are rich and robust with the most modern client technologies of WPF, Silverlight, and HTML 5. Silverlight provides cross platform web support for various browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and different platforms such as MAC, Linux and Windows.

By generating native .NET code for new functionality, you keep your long term options flexible and your investment protected, plus you get the speed and economy of modern solution delivery.

Faster • Better • More

With Accelerator, not only is development faster but the results are better. Accelerator has benefits in the quality of the code generated and in the many built-in capabilities that give you more than you thought was possible.

Developers get:Software Development

  • Fast end-to-end generation of applications, rapid learning of new technologies
  • High quality, consistent code
  • More reusability, more ability to innovate

Users get:

  • Fast easy access to data, search, navigation
  •  A better richer user experience - productive and unlimited
  • More consistency across applications, more built-in productivity assistance

The organization gets:

  • Faster ability to react to changing business
  • Better architecture, predictability, agility
  • More flexibility to deploy to and from multiple locations, devices and infrastructures

“Surround’s use of Microsoft technology to seamlessly integrate with our IBM technology exceeded our expectations.”

- Matt Portsmore, Information Technology Manager
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