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Accelerator™ for IBM i Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are web applications that behave much like desktop applications, typically delivered by a browser plug-in. IBM i Rich Internet Applications

Accelerator™ for IBM i Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is the fastest growing RIA platform, enabling:

  • Improved performance
  • Enriched user experiences
  • Reduced reliance on network/server communications
  • Use of  Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
    architectural pattern

Accelerator for IBM i Silverlight enables you to develop cutting edge user experiences for your new or legacy applications in the latest and greatest RIA technology. With faster performance and a richer experience you will find it difficult to believe you are on the Internet.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Blurs the Traditional Client Boundaries

Accelerator utilizes architecture in a way to produce ultra-thin client user interfaces, and leveraging the Internet delivery and security to be able to incorporate RIA for desktop and browser clients.


Accelerator™ for IBM i Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

The combination of Accelerator and WPF provide a unified framework for building applications and high-fidelity experiences in Windows that exploits the full power of the computer while blending together:

  • Application user interface
  • Integration with desktop productivity tools like Microsoft Office
  • Media content & documents

Accelerator for Power IBM i Systems brings the power of WPF to deliver these advanced user experiences to your IBM i System. Enrich your development with web services, multithreaded performance, advanced web technologies and platform independence. IBM i HTML5 Mobility

Accelerator™ for IBM i HTML5

The next incremental step in HTML, HTML5 incorporates many of the XHTML features we have been using for years, in a standardized fashion supported by all browsers. Accelerator helps to maximize HTML5 capabilities for yet another user experience tool in your arsenal of technology.

“Surround showed us how Silverlight could be used to “wow” the customer on our B2B site”

Matt Portsmore, Information Technology Manager
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