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Universal FTP (UFTP) Features

System Maintenance

  • Native IBM i 5250 user interface and full-featured Windows client user interface
  • Dynamic System Variable Definitions.
  • Full user security and tracking throughout system maintenance.
  • Comprehensive FTP command prompting facilities.
  • Specify Automatic Recovery Procedures and error logging.
  • Test mode to execute Sessions without actually transferring files to or from the host system.
  • Numerous Session sample and template definitions.

Session Execution

  • Execute Sessions interactively or in an unattended batch mode.
  • Execute Sessions from the IBM i UFTP Menu or Windows UFTP Browser.
  • Execute Sessions from the IBM i Command Line or Windows PC Run Command or Icons.
  • Schedule Session Execution on the IBM i Scheduler or on Windows Scheduled Task.
  • Utilize dynamic System Variables during session execution.
  • Execute Sessions from within other IBM i or PC Programs.
  • Automatically recover from communication and other file transfer errors or failures.
  • Re-execute previously run session executions.

System Logging, Tracking, and Auditing

  • Flexible and comprehensive facilities to log, track, and report on UFTP Session execution and usage.
  • Log and Report UFTP Session and Script execution results.

Multiple Platforms

  • Client/Server
  • AS/400, iSeries, IBM i
  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

System File Exchange (SFE) Module

  • Exchange Systems set-up and administration
  • File loading, exchanging, and unloading
  • Exchange logging, tracking, and reporting.

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