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Envision Universal FTP (UFTP) Downloads

Download the latest version of UFTP, supporting documentation, and product information from the links below.
Or fill in the CD Request Form to have a CD sent to you.

UFTP Download Table of Contents

  Product Information - The latest Product Information available.  
  Documentation - the latest product documentation available.  
  Windows Installation - Windows software instalations.  
  IBM i Installation - Full IBM i software installations.  
  IBM i EPC Updates - Expedited Program Change Updates for the IBM i Software.  

  I want to try UFTP, what do I need to Download to get started with the free 30 day trial?  
  The 30 day trial is a full working version of UFTP. Download and Install the IBM i Installation and the Windows Installation then contact Surround for Trial License codes. More information and installation instructions are available in the Documentation.  
  I have UFTP Version 3.x, what do I need to upgrade to 6.x?  
  UFTP Version 4.0 and later is vastly enhanced from the previous versions of UFTP. We have incorporated 95% of our clients enhancement requests into it as well as the majority of our own internal needs making UFTP 4.x and later an extremely powerful, flexible, and robust FTP automation tool.
While 4.x and later versions share the same library structure as 3.x, all database files and all programs are different. Therefore both 3.x and later UFTP versions can coexist and function together on the same system. UFTP 3.x provides an excellent solution for many UFTP automation tasks. If it is working fine for your current needs, great, continue to use it. If UFTP 3.x is not quite fitting your current FTP automation needs, The latest UFTP release will. Install the latest UFTP release, work with it, and start using the numerous new enhancements and features available.
To Upgrade, download and install the IBM i Installation and the Windows Installation.
  I already have UFTP Version 4.x or 5.x, what do I need to upgrade to a newer version?  
To Upgrade, download and install the IBM i Installation and the Windows Installation.
  I am installing or upgrading on IBM i/OS V6R1 or Later, what do I need?  
  To Upgrade, download and install the IBM i Installation and the Windows Installation.  

  To get and use the UFTP software:
  • Download the Files from the links below.
  • Make folders on your hard drive "C:\UFTP", "C:\UFTP\WIN", "C:\UFTP\Systemi", "C:\UFTP\Systemi\CD", "C:\UFTP\Systemi\CD2", and "C:\UFTP\Guides" or some other temporary folders like that.
  • Extract any Zip files to the appropriate folder.
Warning: Some of these files are very large downloads!

Windows Installation (148 MB 10-8-2009) - UFTP/SFE Version 6.1 Build 52 Windows Client Installation

  • Extract the Windows Installation Zip File to the C:\UFTP\WIN or other temporary folder.
  • Execute the Setup.exe program and follow the on screen instructions.

IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) Installation

The IBM i software can be installed by uploading IBM i Save files. (681 MB 10-8-2009) - UFTP/SFE Version 6.1 Build 52 IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) Full Installation via FTP (IBM i/OS V5R4 or Later)

  • Extract the IBM i Installation Zip File (usually to the C:\UFTP\Systemi or other temporary folder. Seven IBM i Save Files will be extracted.
  • Follow the instructions in the User guide under "Installing using save files transferred using FTP".

IBM i EPC Updates

Full Release: V6.1 Build 52 - Release 9/8/2009

No EPCs currently exist for this Full Release

Attention Existing LANSA Users

Read Below if LANSA is Installed on Your IBM i for purposes other than use with UFTP.

UFTP was developed using the LANSA 4GL development tool. The IBM i Initial Installation download contains a production version of this LANSA software that may conflict with your current installation.

If you are unsure whether LANSA is installed on your IBM i system, check to see if a data area called "DC@A01" exists on your machine. If it doesn't, then you do not have LANSA, and you may continue with the UFTP download and standard installation.

If the data area object does exist, then you already have LANSA installed on your IBM i and can optionally install UFTP in two ways:

  1. You can install UFTP and the associated LANSA environment. This will create a separate LANSA environment from your existing LANSA environment. UFTP can be safely installed and both LANSA environments can co-exist as long as the libraries do not conflict. The libraries used for UFTP are:
    • ST@PGMLIB: the LANSA Program Library (the standard LANSA install uses DC@PGMLIB).
    • ST@DTALIB: the LANSA Data Library (the standard LANSA install uses DC@DTALIB).
    • ST@COMLIB: the LANSA Communications Library (the standard LANSA install uses DC@COMLIB).
    • STFTLPGM: the UFTP Program Library.
    • STFTLDAT: the UFTP Data Library.
    • STGPL: the Surround Technologies General Purpose Library.

    If you choose this option, refer to the IBM i Installation download.

    Note: This is a LANSA production runtime environment only and cannot be used to edit, view or compile LANSA code. In order to use this LANSA environment, these libraries must exist in your library list ahead of any other LANSA environment libraries.

  2. Set up a partition for UFTP in your existing LANSA environment and install UFTP into that partition. Follow the instructions in the User guide for information on how to do this.

    Note: The LANSA environment must be LANSA Version 11.0 or Later.

Product Information

ST UFTP Presentation.ppt - UFTP V3.0 Presentation. View or download our UFTP presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint for an overview of the UFTP product.
UFTPBrochure.pdf - UFTP V4.0 Brochure. View or download our UFTP brochure on Adobe Acrobat to see what Surround Technologies can offer you.


All of Surround's online guides are provided in CHM "online" format (Compiled HELP) to give you comprehensive search capabilities and quick and easy access to the vast knowledgebase of the products.

CHM formatted files can only be viewed on a PC running Windows. You will need Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4 or later to view them. You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from

ST.chm (26 KB 9-5-2003) - Surround Technologies' online documentation (Master guide)
UFTP.chm (2.2 MB 11-10-2003) - UFTP Version 4.2 User Guide
SFE.chm (874 KB 6-20-2003) - SFE Version 4.2 User Guide

  • The Guides can be put anywhere and accessed without the UFTP Software.
  • The UFTP Windows Software references the files in the %install dir%\X_LANSA\X_FTL\Source folder where the %install dir% is where you installed the software. This is typically "C:\Program Files\Surroundtech". The Latest Guides must be put there in order for UFTP to reference the correct guides.
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