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Universal FTP (UFTP)

A file transfer automation utility for the IBM i and Windows environments, Envision Universal FTP, UFTP, allows you to easily retrieve, send, and manage data files between local and remote hosts regardless of the host platform type or operating system. Transferring files is typically an interactive, manually intensive and error prone task. UFTP product simplifies and automates this distribution and management of data by vastly improving upon the standard, proven File Transfer Protocol, FTP, process.

Transferring Data is Essential to Conducting Business Today

We at Surround Technologies recognize that efficient, accurate and secure data transfer management is essential to performing business and remaining competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment. So we developed the Envision Universal FTP (UFTP) a utility that improves upon today’s file transfer mechanisms. By automating the file transfer processes, UFTP is capable of saving Time and Money throughout your organization. Proven Technology, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been a commonly used, standard, reliable and secure method for sending, receiving and managing files from remote locations. Available on virtually every platform, FTP is specifically designed to work efficiently over the Internet. But typically, FTP can be a manually intensive and error-prone task.

Simplifies, Automates

UFTP simplifies the standard FTP process by organizing the connection information along with a dynamic sequenced list of FTP commands into packaged Scripts. These packaged Scripts can then be executed interactively or in an unattended batch mode. Using proven Scripts eliminates user error and improves network and data security. In this manner, UFTP builds upon common FTP capabilities, but improves upon their usability. UFTP provides users the ability to manage files remotely, as well as to manage and automate the file transfer process. Users can access, create, rename and delete directories from remote sites, transfer one or more files, and even execute remote commands in a single request.

Transfer Files Without Affecting Network Performance

While transferring files is critical to operating most businesses, doing so during peak business hours can bring the enterprise network to a slow crawl. By packaging all of the file transfer information into a UFTP Scripts, we found a way to offload file transfers to off-peak network usage times. With UFTP, your company can run scheduled file transfers, such as data backups and updates, during off-peak hours – when your network usage is at its lowest.

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