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Parish Management System Features

PIM Saves Time and Operational Costs

Using PIM will greatly reduce the time required for standard administrative tasks that are performed at the diocese or parish. With PIM's centralized database and full reporting features, a diocese can quickly and easily view census information across its entire network of parishes.

Centralized Data

By utilizing a central database, information that is entered and maintained at the Parish level is automatically updated at the Diocesan level, and vice-versa. It also provides tools to increase administrative efficiency, such as Global Updates, which allow the user to quickly modify grade advancements and sacraments in multiple records simultaneously.

Features of PIM

Here's what we've developed for you:

  • Documents and Reports: Ability to print rosters, labels, rolodex, pledge or contribution reports, sacramental reports or certificates
  • Access records: by searching or by direct key to households, individuals, sacraments, contributions, and pledges
  • Global updates allow multiple records to be updated for grade advancement or sacraments
  • Print official sacramental certificates directly from the sacramental record
  • Batch entry for sacraments, contributions and pledges
  • Invoicing for Pledges
  • Full mailing list capabilities
  • Personalized salutation to the household or to the individual
  • Simplified table maintenance for administration
  • Security can be set to allow users to see only specific information
  • Capability to integrate with prominent software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.
  • Network capable or as a single user

To read more about the Parish Information Manager and its features, view the brochure online or download it here.

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