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Envision™ Contact Management

As a complete system or an ultimate plug in, Envision™ Contact Management provides all the contact management capabilities of expensive ERP systems. Capabilities for multiple phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, web addresses, and more are already built-in.


Contact Management can be used as a powerful stand alone system. Superior usability and productivity features include auto-completion, dynamic and customizable toolbars, quick-add fields, and an advanced interface. Our intuitive system, with fully functional Windows and Web interfaces, reduces the user learning curve.


Extend your existing systems with Contact Management. Contact Management is designed to be integrated seamlessly. Plug it in and save the development time and cost of inventing or rebuilding functionality. It’s assured productivity, for both your programmers and end users!


Contact Management provides many services and interfaces through an innovative Service Oriented architecture, SOA, that allows for quick integration and use of contact information in any situation and business need.

MS Office

Embed Contact Management and use it seamlessly in MS Outlook with all of Outlook's functionality. Find a contact using an email address. Merge contact information into MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Integration into Microsoft Office is quick and easy.

Windows or Web 2.0 User Experience

Like all of Surround’s Enterprise applications, Contact Management has rich, intuitive user interfaces for Windows and Web. No matter what your deployment model, choice, or business need, Contact Management is a solid fit.

Any Database, Any Platform

Flexible and scalable, Contact Management can operate from your choice of centralized database on your choice of platforms: System i, Windows, Unix, or Linux.

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