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Application Modules

Envision™ Application Modules provide for faster development with greater functionality at a reduced cost. They are modular software applications that are field-proven, which can reduce application testing and costly implementation delays.

Envision™ software modules just snap-into any Visual LANSA or .NET application environment. They provide extensive interoperability across operating systems, including IBM I, Windows and UNIX.

They are designed to meet the demands of a broad range of users right out of the box.

Contact Management

Give your contact list a tune-up. Our contact manager allows you to browse or search your business contacts through multiple fields by managing all of the details. With features like quick-add and auto-complete, you can now reference people and places like never before.

Zip/Postal Code Management

Envision Zip Code Management is a LANSA-built Application Module designed to be integrated into larger applications, saving you the development time and money of building the application functionality that comes out-of-the-box with Surround. As an add-on to our Contact Management, Zip Code Management allows you to store and manage your Zip/Postal Code Database.

Freight Management System

A complete software solution for the shipping industry, FMS provides the resources to streamline your freight process to give you the competitive edge in the market. No more pitstops; let us simplify your process.

Universal FTP (UFTP)

At Surround we recognize that efficient, accurate and secure data transfer management is essential to remaining competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment. We've improved upon the standard FTP model to increase the efficiency, security and agility of your file transfers. UFTP provides the best file-transfer system for the iSeries and Windows markets. Fasten your seatbelt and streamline your process.

Parish Management System

We have partnered with the diocesan community and developed a system built for the management of Parish databases. Our Parish Management System collects and organizes the most detailed information. This allows the diocese to print reports and certificates, access batch reports, invoice pledges, process data lists and much more...

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