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Architecture Chart
The Accelerator™
SOA Design incorporates Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices group standards and implements them in a practical way that allows you to have access to the latest, most robust design patterns. RAD2 uses modular and object oriented programming, combined with services oriented n-tier architecture, to enable a robust n-cloud architecture for horizontal, vertical integration.

With Accelerator for .NET™ you can build a complete, compelling, and architecturally advanced application faster than you thought was possible. Accelerator takes advantage of many of the latest .NET technologies and accelerates your learning of development in a way recommended by Microsoft Patterns and Practices group.

Smarter development allowing quicker reaction to new requirements

The SOA base establishes strong patterns that enforce your standards and make the application predictable and discoverable for developers. This enables better responsiveness and shorter cycles for both support and new enhancements.

Learning is accelerated though the use of standards and enablement of advanced technologies that allow developers to rapidlyArchitecture Chart adopt new technologies and adapt to new concepts.

Reusability patterns are exercised throughout, which along with standards and blueprints, greatly enhances conventional coding. As Surround identifies new patterns we build them into the Accelerator Core or develop a new framework to leverage the Accelerator SOA. All of this allows Accelerator Rapid Application Development to be the most complete and agile way to develop.

The Accelerator™ core system architecture provides peak performance through the implementation of WCF, multi-threaded data access, the .NET Framework and more. The underlying .NET Framework and One Click deployment make deployment simple and easy.

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