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Solutions for .NET

The Accelerator™ for .NET is a base set of functionality, core structured architecture and wizard-driven code generation opens up a new world of possibilities for .NET Developers.

Agile Software for Developers

Take advantage of our framework to be more productive with some of the features available in our application:

  • Our factories are often driven by wizards whereby the developer defines the rules, relationships, and tests in the wizarding process.
  • Our framework also has a rich class library and services for developers.
  • Development and end-user frameworks are easily configurable to meet the need of the departmental or organizational standards.
  • Wizards, frameworks and methods generate solutions based on a number of patterns to produce very complete and mature prototypes.
  • Prototypes can sometimes be ready to roll into production with minor enrichment.
Mobile First

Mobile First (Responsive + Adaptive Websites)

We live in a nation with a population of over 300 million, and over 50% of that population are users are accessing the web through mobile devices. Of that 50% over 30% use their mobile devices as their primary internet browsing device, so it’s no surprise designing for mobile first is no longer a question, but a common method of guaranteeing success. Focusing on providing for the needs of users from the smallest screen sizes up, designing for mobile first won’t lag users mobile devices down when loading your websites or application and promotes happier user satisfaction rates.



The world’s most popular mobile-first, responsive, front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as many other extensions to accelerator the development of great websites and is based on proven industry best practices.



HTML5 incorporates many of the XHTML features we have been using for years, in a standardized fashion supported by all browsers. Accelerator helps to maximize HTML5 capabilities for yet another user experience tool in your arsenal of technology. Take advantage of the power of the HTML5 with CSS, JQuery and many other libraries and tools to create unrivaled experiences for your users on the web.

Microsoft .NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is Microsoft’s new platform for developing feature rich Windows desktop front ends. Capable of integrating advanced user experience components -- such as complex images, 3D graphics, video and audio – WPF delivers visually stunning interfaces with new levels of User productivity.

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET Framework

Surround's core system architecture provides peak performance through the implementation of WCF, multi-threaded data access, the .NET Framework and more.

The underlying .NET Framework and One Click deployment make deployment hassles a thing of the past.

MS Patterns and Practices

Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow Foundation

Accelerator patterns utilizes Windows Communication Foundation as a unified programming model for rapidly building service-oriented applications that communicate across the web and the enterprise. Also utilized is Windows Workflow Foundation a programming model, in-process workflow engine and designer to implement long-running processes as workflows within .NET applications.

Visual Studio 2008

Productive Development Environment

Visual Studio is productive Integrated Development Environments with an extensive ecosystem of controls, developers, and vendors that have evolved over the last twenty years.


Integration with Power IBM i Systems

The Accelerator™ for .NET is the fastest and easiest way to bring these advanced user experiences to your IBM i Systems. Enrich your development with web services, multithreaded performance, advanced web technologies and platform independence.

Integration with Accelerator for Visual LANSA

IBM iAccelerator for .NET seamlessly integrates with the full Accelerator Development Solutions line from Surround, such as Accelerator Business Objects and Service (BOS). With the .NET Service Agent, .NET Developers can integrate with both client and server VL apps as easily as they do any other .NET system. Plus, deliver program and web services, establish multiple process/session connections with LANSA, create run-time instances of LANSA objects, and handle session management with pre-start, min and max session configuration.

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