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At Surround Technologies, our mission is to help companies worldwide discover all that software can offer their business by realizing the full value, return, and potential from their software investments. We bring this mission to life with software development solutions that we call Advanced Agile Software™: software that is powerful, flexible, and scalable. Software that is build to last.

Our goal is to complete every project within budget and ahead of the deadline; and to generate a lasting ROI. We are successful because our flagship technology – The Accelerator™— is designed to fulfill the seven principles of Advanced Agile Software™.

  • Productive User Experience

    We begin with the user top-of-mind, mindful of the science of usability, delivering higher user productivity, with:

    • User choice of Windows, web or mobile interfaces
    • Easily learned and remembered
    • Information discovery without altering workflow
    • Faster and more accurate task completion
    • Adaptable to any skill level, from novice to advanced.

  • Methodology & Standards

    The Accelerator™ features customizable, factory-style development guides and accelerates the developer, without limiting or restricting them. Established standards and structured methodologies are built-in.

    • Standardized and optimized architecture, frameworks, controls an templates
    • Proven step-by-step methodology
    • Incremental and repeatable process
    • Easy maintenance and enhancements.

  • Software Design and Architecture

    The time-tested and proven effectiveness of The Accelerator™ – with its loosely-coupled, modular, dynamic, scalable, service oriented design – enables developers to spend more time on innovative business functionality and less time on underlying technologies.

    • Integrated desktop, web and mobile presentation layers
    • Centralized buses for program interfaces and web services
    • Configurable, reusable and extendible software modules
    • Scalable to business demands.

  • Developer Efficiency

    Making developers as efficient and effective as possible – developing more and better software faster and at lower cost – optimizes positive impact on the business. The Accelerator is the pinnacle of developer productivity, allowing IT to shift the time typically spent on hand-tooled plumbing code and on maintenance – to generating high-value software almost immediately.

    • Easy developer learning curve
    • Prototype in minutes; generate applications in hours; full systems in days.
    • Wizard-generated Create, Read, Update & Delete (CRUD) functionality
    • Centralized, replicable business functionality
    • Reduced testing and troubleshooting.

  • Application Interoperability

    Users already are faced with an array of disparate systems; and the industry will continue to become more complex. The Accelerator™ is totally agile, delivering amazing interoperability.

    • Integrate across applications at either a system or desktop level
    • Seamless application-to-application communication interfaces
    • Configure, monitor and manage secure access across systems.

  • Modular Software Snap-Ins

    There's no reason to re-invent the wheel. The Accelerator develops modules that can be shared across applications, divisions and companies. Easily snap in other software.

    • Security and Options – provide system control and administration
    • Remarks and Properties/Codes – provide data extensions
    • Images and Skins – eliminate complex coding
    • Pre-tested Modules – from Contact Management to Zip/Postal Code management.

  • Leverage Existing Software Assets

    Breathe new life into aging software assets. The Accelerator™ can repurpose and extend existing applications and create new ones.

    • Integrate IBM i, Windows and Web applications
    • Orchestrate and reface green screens into modern snap-in GUIs
    • Utilize existing programs and maintain core business functions
    • Create a system-wide modern user experience.

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