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Accelerator Development SolutionsThe Accelerator™
Development Solutions

Framework and Tools for Delivering Next Generation Software Systems

Accelerator Development Solutions empowers software developers to efficiently build enterprise quality software specific to their business needs. These products will accelerate your development process to make it faster, better and allow you to deliver more functionality than you thought was possible.

By enabling multiple user accounts and different security levels, The Accelerator™ provides the interfaces to be securely accessed by any user or any other system anywhere they may be.

Presentation layers for integrated desktop, rich Internet and mobile device applications deliver the most productive user experiences; while Service Buses deliver manageable system access to other business partner systems.

The Accelerator™ provides base software, code factories and snap-in software, which eliminates non-business-specific development, while our standards guide the team through the development process.

With The Accelerator™, developers can design prototypes in minutes, generate applications in hours, and full systems in days. This can drive down development costs substantially.

Solutions for LANSA Solutions for IBM i Solutions for .NET

The Accelerator™ three major elements

base softwareBase Software
The executable framework and architecture that provides the structure and the basic functionality for the systems.

base softwareAccelerator Management System
A full system to maintain and administer other systems built with the Accelerator.

base softwareDevelopment tools
Code factory wizards and code generation, pre-built snap-ins, a series of development methodologies and other productivity resources.

The Accelerator™ Modular FrameworkAccelerator Architecture

Modules represent sets of specific functionality such as:

  • Features, views or business logic;
  • Services for data selection;
  • Reporting and security.

Modules are independent of one another, but can communicate with each other in a loosely coupled fashion. This is a time-tested and proven approach.

At the highest level there are three architectural layers: the presentation layer, the business layer and the data access layer.

Operational management and authentication and security are built into the architecture and services of all three layers.

Presentation Buses integrate with the different front-end user interfaces; and Service Buses access the back-end business processes and data.

The Accelerator™ is the core of our Advanced Agile Software.™
It connects to everything and adapts to changing needs.
As we say, "Build it once. Use it for life."

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