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Accelerator™ for .NET Version 5.0

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Accelerator for .NET

Bloomfield, NJ — April 25, 2014 — Surround Technologies announces the general availability of version 5.0 of its Accelerator™ for .NET software development platform, a premier productivity solution for the development and use of desktop, browser and mobile .NET applications with Windows, Windows Azure, IBM i and IBM System z.

Whether modernizing legacy applications or creating new functionality, with Accelerator developers can Develop Faster, with Better results, and More functionality to deliver the software your customers, employees, business partners, and vendors will gladly use, without limitations, locks in or dead ends. Using Agile development practices, Accelerator Version 5.0 was able to release smaller, powerful iterations to grow quickly and responsively as customers needs arose. The focus of great software is on the needs at hand, not on a stale and unchanging roadmap that can’t account for sudden shifts in markets, trends, and technology.

Accelerator™ for .NET Version 5.0 builds on top of the amazing success of its predecessor Version 4.0. Included in this version you will find the latest and most efficient generation wizard UI to date. It includes changes to maximize generation time efficiency, new developer tools to open the generation process up even further, and new user environments to ease the creation of relationships and joins throughout the generation process. The code enhancer, further improved in this release, has now become a staple tool in the generation process for nearly every Accelerator client. Analyze and identify smarter, during the generation process, and see more intelligent recommendations in return. As your database changes the Code Enhancer quickly identifies changes and allows developers to instantly integrate these changes into the code. Developers can more easily manage databases and have the ability to automatically update environments.

The release of the new Browser and Mobile UI’s in Version 4.0 led the way for Accelerator to grow into these quickly expanding markets. Accelerator’s ASP.NET UX is currently the most actively developed component of our solution, and the pinnacle of our clients scalability and future proofing needs, with a focus on cloud and the flexibility to be platform agnostic.

As the needs of clients grow, it is essential that the needs of developers are being met early, to enable developers to create software faster, with better results and more functionality. Accelerator Version 5.0 brings tools together to make this process even smarter and more intuitive than before. Integrated development tools such as OGT (Open Generation Technology) plugins enable developers to experience the freedom to build without limitations or restrictions. Libraries built upon best practices and using trusted processes such as CI (Continuous Integration) and others make the development process not only easier, but feasible in a fraction of the time. The Accelerator focuses on efficiency at multiple levels, this means mediocre tasks like general connectivity to varying data sources are thought out ahead of time. The ability to save multiple Launchpad configurations, and support for additional data providers, such as IBM’s DB2 for .NET, expand the life expectancy of clients systems and turn tumultuous tasks into a simple step in the Software Development process.

An ever-evolving commitment to supporting unlimited growth, means a need for an arsenal of development tricks and gems for developers to work even more efficiently and not need to detour their attention to searching for help. Accelerator Version 5.0 is backed not only by world-renowned support from its team of developers, but brings with it solid documentation available to our clients at any time, and a rapidly growing library of code snippets further saving time, energy, efficiency and accuracy. Developers have appreciated having this at their fingers tips since its introduction in Version 4.0, and Accelerator Version 5.0 continues to build on this library.

Accelerator™ for .NET Version 5.0 continues to build on the existing legacy of developing more, developing better and developing faster. The Accelerator allows for a range of options, from reusing code while building a rich user interface, to completely rebuilding systems, and everything in between. Additional Information can be found here or by requesting additional materials from Lee Paul, Media Contact for this release at

About Surround Technologies:
Surround Technologies is a software innovation business with solutions and services to substantially accelerate the development and delivery of state-of-the-art software for companies of all sizes and in any industry. Surround’s Accelerator Development Solutions is a complete suite of Open Frameworks and Tools that empower developers to Develop Faster, with Better results, and More functionality to deliver the software customers, employees, business partners, and vendors will love. The resulting systems allow for the seamless integration of .NET with IBM i or Windows servers to enhance user experience and productivity, and drive greater growth and profit for the business. Learn more at


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