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Accelerator Customer Spotlight: Capitol Appraisal Group, CAGI


The problem. CAGI (Capitol Appraisal Group, LLC - was in dire need of modernization. There was a laundry list of items stacking up against them:

  • They could no longer deny the cost of maintaining and operating the aged infrastructure.
  • Change requests were hindered by incompatible plugins and outdated technology unable to keep up with today's business needs.
  • The legacy system’s interface also posed a huge threat to company growth and stability due to its inefficient and outdated UI.
  • Employee training and IT support consumed too much time and effort and produced results at a laggard speed.

These issues and more compounded to create the need to move forward with a plan to modernize CAGI and place them in a position to grow when needed and without limitations.

The Solution. CAGI chose Surround Technologies’ Accelerator for .NET to create a windows application which could replace the various outdated legacy systems running on IBM System z, IBM i and Windows as well as increase user efficiency across the board. By using a solid foundation and industry best practices and standards, developers are now flying through the development process and preparing to launch their new future-proof solution. In additional to replicating the legacy logic, developers are also providing more functionality than was originally scoped. Numbers don’t lie, and the cost savings is already showing.

Collaboration for the road ahead. Developers with CAGI work alongside the Surround team members to generate new future-proof, scalable applications that are faster and better than they have been in the past. CAGI wants more. The business has decided to begin road mapping their Web and Mobile strategy while finalizing their new Windows application to not only modernize their legacy system, but bring their organization as a whole to the modern, mobile age, and provide users with an environment they feel they can work with and not against.

Be on the lookout for our CAGI Case Study once their solution launches to get a full idea of the gains both financially and in user satisfaction within the company.

CAGI System Screen shotClick to Enlarge
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