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Silverlight UI shows off Accelerator Architecture Flexibility for LANSA Back Ends

BLOOMFIELD, NJ – November 3, 2009 – Surround Technologies today announced completion of a new Business Partner Portal overhaul for Sherrill Furniture of Hickory, North Carolina. The portal for the Sherrill Dealer network was implemented using Microsoft's Silverlight technology within Surround's Accelerator for .NET Application Development.

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Accelerator for .NET

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Woody Williams, COO of Sherrill Precedent Division, remarks, "This is a huge improvement over the last site. It looks sensational, delivers substantial performance gains, and produces more data-rich screens for the users." Sherrill's Systems Project Manager, Chad Lawing adds, "User feedback has been exceptional. We've delivered a superior service tool to our partners."

Silverlight offers exciting rich user experiences for web apps and provides true cross-browser compatibility that simplifies development. Effortlessly, the UX is identical in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. While generally thought of as a web-centric technology, Surround has shown a leadership position by applying it to the presentation layer for business applications in the IBM i Power Systems community.

"This project was extremely satisfying for how well the Microsoft technologies performed in the real world,” says Derek Maciak, Surround's Chief Technology Officer, "the effort exceeded even our expectations for speed of development and superior performance and revealed several great benefits to the .NET Silverlight technology. And we’re seeing similar results in other development projects underway."

Perhaps most of all, the project exposes the innate intelligence utilized in Surround’s Accelerator Architecture, demonstrating how a new technology can quickly be supported and its benefits leveraged into business gains. Surround’s Accelerator for .NET generates code for both Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight, granting compelling new interface potentials for modernization efforts.

Following a period of running both partner portals in tandem, user acceptance was so strong and swift that it allowed the old site to be quickly phased out. Surround is planning a more detailed case study of the Sherrill Furniture story in the coming months.

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