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New Task-Reminder and Category Apps plug in to Visual LANSA systems

Surround delivers two more Apps for common business software requirements

BLOOMFIELD, NJ – July 21, 2009 – Surround Technologies this week delivered two more Applications for Accelerator for Visual LANSA, their popular software development tool for the LANSA development community.

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Accelerator and Visual LANSA

The new Accelerator Task-Reminder App allows users to manage tasks and create reminders within their own systems. Any system items, such as products, orders, invoices, etc., in your system can be associated with tasks. Multiple users can be assigned to tasks and reminders can be set to alert them as needed.

The New Categories App allows users to easily identify and group associated items in your system. Users can choose from a set of existing categories or create their own, and then assign the categories to system items. You can assign multiple categories to items. Categories can be identified with a name, description and icon.

“All Accelerator Apps plug-in and integrate seamlessly with any Accelerator developed systems,” explains Lee Paul, Surround CEO. “Also, because of the loose coupled, modular nature of the Accelerator architecture, these solutions can also be used in other LANSA-based software, such as those built with VLF, RAMP, or your own custom application.”

Surround provides a growing list of these Apps covering common business software needs. “We have Apps that help you control and administer your system like Security and Options,” says Paul. “Others become an extension of your own data like Remarks and Properties/codes. And some just abstract the developer from underlying non-business specific coding like Images and Skins.”

Modular Software is a hot trend in software development and becoming more prevalent due to popular technologies like the Apple iPhone. Businesses are discovering modular software in cloud computing offerings from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Salesforce. “We’ve been developing modular software many years now,” states Derek Maciak, CIO at Surround. “We see these Apps becoming of growing value to our Accelerator Development Solutions. They provide reliable tested software functionality for common business needs and shrink development timelines.”

According to Paul, these apps will also be made available for Accelerator for .NET by this November.

Task-Reminder Gallery: The Task Detail The Task Detail allows you to create new tasks. You can also create a new task associated to an existing record in your system by simply right clicking on the desired record. By combining this with the ability to set the user that task is assigned to, you can easily do things like assign accounts to employees, as well as place tasks into different categories of interest.
Task-Reminder Gallery: The Task-Reminder Task Pane A Task-Reminder Task Pane joins the other out-of-the-box Accelerator Task Panes. With it users have quick access to tasks such as those that have upcoming due dates/time. Since the Task pane is always available wherever you are in the system, a user can easily create new tasks quickly and without interrupting their current workflow.
Task-Reminder Gallery: Reminder Dialog When a user has a reminder due, the Reminder Dialog pops up to alert them. It gives you the option to Dismiss, Open, or put it off until later using the snooze button.
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