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New – Envision™ Business Objects and Services

Unleash Your Applications With Out-Of-The-Box SOA

BLOOMFIELD, NJ –April 28, 2008 – System i and LANSA application development just reached a new level of productivity. Today Surround Technologies has released Envision Business Objects and Services (BOS), a portion of its full application architecture, as a stand-alone solution for the System i and LANSA development community.

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Business Objects and Services

Lee Paul, CEO of Surround Technologies, explains. "Our system framework gained tremendous new potential with the addition of Business Objects to our server-side architecture, their packaging into Service Buses, and the development of service adapters. It is now possible to produce a loosely-coupled, agile, service oriented architecture around your data and business processes through a step by step wizard. That’s right. A wizard gives you all of it out-of-the-box. We simply had to make it available as a stand-alone product."

Accelerate Your LANSA Development

BOS can help accelerate all your LANSA development including VL Frameworks (VLF) by providing, out-of-the-box, the performance optimized architecture of server-side businesses processes and data access. Additionally, you can further increase developer productivity in VLF with the adapters provided to quickly connect VLF Filters, Instance Lists, and Command Handlers to BOS.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

BOS provides a true Service Oriented Architecture for your back end data and business processes. This architecture allows you to quickly respond to industry trends and needs with adapters for XML, SOAP, REST, Active-X, .Net, XAML/WPF, etc.

Desktop Integration

Developers can easily integrate MS Office and other desktop applications. Allow users to create, read, update, and delete data through BOS using an Excel Spreadsheet. Let them open a VL Form from one of the records in the spreadsheet. Allow a user to open VL Forms from MS Outlook based on a contact, task, or email. Pull data into a PowerPoint Presentation in real time. BOS offers endless benefits.

Wizard Generation

The most amazing feature in BOS is that you can generate all of it through wizards that walk you through your database and associated relationships. Envision getting a loosely-coupled, agile, service oriented architecture for your data and business processes Out-Of-The-Box!

Read more about this exciting new release at /bos and see how software like this can drive your business forward.

BOS Framework
Graphic of BOS Framework

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