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We're proud of our software; and our clients love it. But some clients need more than product. Our Professional Services Division complements your own resources to ensure efficient and cost-effective implementation. We can mentor your team; coach your team, or do the entire project for you – and everything in between.

Software Project Mentoring and TrainingAssessment and Scoping

We all know you should begin with the end in mind. As you spec your software development project, our team – with experience helping a wide variety of clients – can often envision additional benefits. Our disciplined approach – from assessment to scoping – means nothing is left to chance. That’s an opportunity to increase value and your ROI. 

Software Project Mentoring and TrainingMentoring and Training

Our team is there for you. Use our tools and have a question? Want your IT staff to advance on the learning curve? Need new capabilities and services? No problem. We can function as vendor, but whenever possible, we really enjoy making your team even better.

Software Project Management and Development ServicesProject Management and Development Services

We're about delivering superior apps and increasing your business productivity. When your IT plate is full, there’s no need to wait to benefit from The Accelerator™ development advantage. Let our Professional Services Division run the project from beginning to end. We're efficient and cost-effective. And, at the end of the day, when the project is online, you will be, too.

Standards and Best Practices Software DevelopmentStandards and Best Practices

We want your users to have a great new software experience. That’s why our development team is guided by our Application Development Standards. We encourage creativity, and we’ll use your standards, instead, if you wish. But we’ll do all we can to produce software that adheres to the current interface standards and is consistent with that being produced by the rest of the team.

Our conventions have been developed and improved over time. When we make changes, we plan and implement them in a controlled and strategic manner, so that applications do not become fragmented. We make every effort to develop new standards so they are backward-compatible. New standards are introduced in planned version releases.

"We want our software to drive your business where you want it to go. Our team has proven time after time that they can fulfill the highest expectations. We promise a lot; and we stand ready to demonstrate our expertise through a trial-run Proof of Concept."

Lee Paul
President, Surround Technologies

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