Surround Technologies - Software at the Speed of Business
Surround Technologies 
is a world-changing software innovation business 
with solutions and services 
to substantially accelerate 
the development and delivery 
of state-of-the-art software applications 
for companies of all sizes and in any industry.

With our Accelerator Development Solutions, professional development team and focused RAD3 approach we help companies to deliver Software Faster, Better and with More functionality. Faster, Better, More is our mantra for achieving our mission and for delivering Software at the Speed of Business.

At Surround Technologies, it is our mission to help companies worldwide to discover all that software can offer their business, to realize the full value, return, and potential from their software investments, and to transform how they envision, develop, and use software to drive greater growth and profit.

  • We support .NET for Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, IBM i and IBM cloud platforms.

  • We provide tools, process, and expertise to build and deliver leading-edge, mission-critical applications.

  • We provide .NET development organizations with a more productive development environment that produces higher-quality applications, accelerating their adoption of new technology.

  • We provide IBM i development organizations with better ways to develop in .NET, to modernize, extend and integrate technologies based on the business’s needs.

  • Our tools generate high quality code and also a rich user experience that users love.

  • We promote openness, standards, reusability, and agility.

  • We promote learn ability in both our tools for developers and in our advanced user experience for your users.

Product Lines

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Platform Partners

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Company Brochure

Surround Technologies Advanced Agile Software Brochure Download and view our NEW comprehensive 24 page Company Brochure (9 MB PDF) that includes company and product information as well as various other content such as:

  • RAD1 Rapid Application Development: Mature Prototypes + Standards + Flexibility
  • RAD2 Robust Architectural Design: Modularity + Interoperability + Scalability
  • RAD3 Rich Agile Data: Productive User Experience + Easily Accessible Information

Email us  or call us at (239) 405-8427 if you'd like to receive a hard copy in the mail.

Better, Faster, More

When it comes to business software development, we make it possible to rapidly develop advanced software with more capabilities, and with better, more agile architecture than you would ordinarily have time to learn to do yourself.

No wonder we call it "Software at the Speed of Business."

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