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Rapid Application Development x3: A New Paradigm for Comprehensive Software Development from Surround.
The Accelerator™ Development Solutions framework speeds up the development process of mature services oriented applications.
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Review Surround's latest press release, announcing the general availability of Version 3.2 of its Accelerator™ for .NET software development platform.
Learn how to develop leading-edge applications with Accelerator Development Tools for IBM i. Achieve your modernization goals Faster, Better, and More efficiently.

Welcome To Surround Technologies

We provide tools that substantially accelerate development of mature service oriented applications, allowing developers to more efficiently produce cutting edge, sophisticated, applications that integrate to the latest technologies. Our highly flexible, n-tier architecture framework strives to eliminate waste and amplify learning by the use of short iteration cycles, quick feedback and rapid adjustments; assuring the fulfillment of today’s needs.

For The Executive

Executives want to know that their development software will not only deliver the desired performance; but also come to life in less time, with a higher ROI. Our customers find that our solutions allow them to modernize their legacy systems and contemplate efficient system expansion and new technology integration for years into the future.

The User Experience (UX)

The Accelerator end-user experience is rich, configurable and open. Accelerator generates high quality, flexible and scalable applications in less time, while creating the user-friendly experiences that increase productivity and decrease development costs. The out of the box UX supports multi-tasking, collaboration, and can be customized for any need.

For The Application Developer

For the Application Developer, Surround Technologies provides a proven architectural platform that automates many tedious development tasks, and enables developers to focus their efforts on application effectiveness for their users. Developer productivity and effectiveness increases along with the ability to access and incorporate new technologies.

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